Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute


Jane was hired by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama to produce imagery for use in management plans, site maps, and taxonomy guides.

This gallery showcases images created for booklets about Coiba, an island in the Pacific that was once used as a penitentiary but now protected as a National Park.

  • A booklet describing the new management plan of Coiba National Park
  • A tablet for fisheries surrounding the park
  • Diving and snorkeling site maps for a comprehensive dive guide

CAT — Computer Automated Taxonomy is an online computer automated taxonomy software to help identify porcellanid crabs’ unique anatomy. Using the provided crab illustrations, the identifying characteristics were highlighted in a clear and attractive way.

This collection of illustrations were used for an online information system of shorefishes of the tropical Eastern Pacific. The painting of the gobies illustrates the slight differences between the common green banded goby and red-cheeked goby, a new species found in Honduras.