O Magazine“Combining the accessibility of street art with meticulous scientific detail Kim plans to paint a series of eye-catching large-scale murals in public places along the migration routes of endangered species.”

“Helping Endangered Species – One Mural at a Time”



discovery-channel-logo“The rare artist who wants her art to be ‘more of a tool than an end product,’ Kim’s work crops up in unusual places.”

“Roses Are Red, Jane Kim’s Science Illustrations Are Cool”


SBO logo“The 22-by-14 foot, hand-painted illustration does more than invite glances. It blends high-quality, scientific illustration with touches of modern art to draw the eye. It’s a feast for even the most passive gawker.”

“Bamboo Sushi’s Marine Reserve Crusade Paints a Picture”


sevenbyseven_logo“To say Jane Kim’s art is inspired by nature would be a massive understatement akin to calling the Golden Gate Bridge a structure that connects the city to Marin.”

Saving Nature Through Art: Jane Kim and Her Migrating Murals


Treehugger-logo1.square.3.15.10“Migrating Mural Connects Human, Animal Travelers”





National+Geographic+logo+black“Migrating Mural Becomes a Reality”

“From Inspiration to Real-World Action”

New Ocean Ideas: Viewers’ Choice Winner Announced”



pub-logo-adventurejournal“Migrating Mural Shines Light on Endangered Bighorns”


logo-quest-radio-podcast-300“Saving Bighorn Sheep, One Mural at a Time”