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Ink-Dwell’s mission is to inspire people to love, appreciate and protect the Earth, one work of art at a time.

A play on words, Ink-Dwell studio makes art that is “inked well”, and specializes in creating environmental campaigns, exhibitions, science illustrations, and fine art. Merging classical techniques of science illustration with modern simplicity, we collaborate with businesses, non-profits, scientists, designers and branding experts to deliver iconic images that carry a powerful message of education and conservation.

Jane Kim is an artist, science illustrator and Founder of Ink-Dwell. She began her art career very early in life by obsessively painting flowers and bears on the walls of her bedroom. Later, she received more formal training at the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA in Printmaking, Class of ’03), and then Cal State Monterey Bay, where she received a Certificate in Science Illustration (Class of ’10). She loves to be outdoors and go on adventures and brings the joy she gets from nature back to her studio. She still enjoys painting flowers and bears, though nowadays she doesn’t get in trouble for painting on the walls.

“Our planet is home to incredible and wondrous life,” says Kim. “I feel most excited, both visually and intellectually in nature. Combining that with my passion for art leaves me with unrefined excitement. Sharing even a fraction of that with the rest of the world is the best gift that I know how to give.”

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anjelWith a background as a National Science Scholar at Stanford University and a design education from California College of the Arts, Anjel Van Slyke is a multi-disciplinary designer who takes particular joy in the cross-pollination of ideas between science and art.

Through her design studio, Crux + Canopy, she enjoys approaching projects as a collaboration and creative partnership with her clients – whether working on brand development or designing an interactive children’s botanical garden.

Anjel is an avid adventurer and loves trekking through remote landscapes and exploring foreign countries by motorcycle.



vsm2012bOlivia “Via” San Mateo is the sole proprietor of Olive-Route, a design and letterpress studio that opened up shop in April of 2005. Her approach to design is collaborative, learned from years of architecture and graphic design education. Followed up by an apprenticeship with old-school Master printers, she fell in love with the art of letterpress and found her calling. Shortly thereafter she bought her first press and started Olive-Route, based in Berkeley, CA. Olivia’s work isn’t defined by a particular style, but is driven by the challenges of each project. Her keen understanding of her client’s needs result in unique and custom pieces, tailored to fit.



product bio comp

George Schnakenberg is the founder of Infinite Collective, an industrial design consultancy that is dedicated to working on product and service solutions in the areas of conservation, alternative energy collection, alternative transportation, and sustainable design.

Fueled by over 15 years of experience, infinite collective’s projects focus on solutions that utilize sustainable resources, minimize waste, and emphasize a long and useful product life.

George Graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a B.F. A. in Industrial Design and holds several patents and IDEA awards for his work.  He is an avid urban biker and loves exploring the world around him.





Courage-263Andrew Hill started Pharos Creative with his partner, Lisa, in 1996 to help small businesses and non-profits visually tell their story. He specializes in web and print design, and works from Bainbridge Island, WA.

Ink-Dwell’s site is a Pharos Creative creation.